St Patrick’s Day At Mas Por Favor

St. Patrick’s At Mas! Drink Up!

It’s that time of year where everybody dresses up in green, and we celebrate the Irish. They say everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s day, so we’re going to do our best to put a twist on it. Though we’re mostly known for our Tacos and located in the heart of Chinatown, who’s to say that we can’t get something wild going on with corned beef and colorful beverages? We don’t gate keep at Mas Por Favor, so all are welcome, and we have a terrific day in store for you regardless of your heritage.

For those who are calendar impaired, you’re going to want to throw this event onto your planner for March 17!

Yeah But I’ve Got Work. Will I Miss Out On Anything?

While we’re sticking to our usual closing time (late), we are opening earlier to kick off the day in style. Parades and day drinking are part of the fun, so we didn’t want to alienate anyone who wanted to partake in the festivities! Don’t worry though… We booked a couple of DJ’s, and they don’t start ‘til 3pm, and they’ll go off well into the evening. So if you’re looking to cut a little rug, or do a little jig, you’ll have plenty of time to get home from work, and throw on your green attire.

Okay, But I’m Gonna Be Hungry. What Are Your Specials?

We will be having an all day happy hour for select items. There will be so much savings, that you won’t even need to pregame! In addition to this, we will be featuring Corn Beef Tacos for good measure. There will also be regular access to our traditional menu if you’re just looking to get your usual. And of course it wouldn’t be a St. Patty’s celebration without Jameson shots and green beer. Just make sure you space out the drinks because our chef’s make a next-level Corn Beef, and you don’t want to miss out on this.

I’m Not Really Into Green Beer, Can I Just Get My Regular Mix?

We’re so glad you asked. We’re not going to open our doors to sell just the novelty drink of the day. We’ve got all the bottles and glasses behind the bar, so we can mix you up whatever you’d like. The green beer is just making a cameo as a supporting actor. The top billing is, and always will be our signature cocktails that you have grown to know and love over the past couple of years!

Más Cocktails

Half off cocktails are served on Monday from 9pm-close

Sweet Melons Dude – Mezcal + Honeydew Juice + Meyer Lemon Juice

Milk Money – Reposado Tequila + Almond Milk Horchata + Honey + Coconut Cream

Great Balls of Fire – Blanco Tequila + Watermelon Juice + Agave + Lime Juice + Fire Bitters + Cilantro

El Borracho – Blanco Tequila + Pamplemousse Liqueur + Lime Juice + Fevertree Citrus Tonic – Reposado Tequila + Roasted Corn Horchata +honey

Down the Rabbit Hole – Blanco Tequila + Carrot Juice + Orange Juice + Sunflower Seed Agave

Jardin – Blanco Tequila + Cucumber + Cilantro + Basil + Mint + Lime Juice + Prosecco

El Jefe Sangria – Reposado Tequila + Aperol + Grapefruit Juice + Agave + Sauvignon Blanc

Tequila & Smash – Blanco Tequila + Blueberry Syrup + Lime Juice + Fevertree Ginger Beer + Mint

Passion De Fresa – Blanco Tequila + Aperol+Strawberry Puree+ Pinot Noir & Fever Tree Citrus Tonic

Bird of Paradise – Mezcal + Aperol + Lemon Juice + Orgeat Hibiscus Agave + Mint

Mr. Snap Crackle Pop – Mezcal + Aperol + Sweet Vermouth + Orange Bitters

Macha Macha Man – Tequila + Matcha + Honey + Lemon Juice + Mint

DragonFly – Vodka + Sunflower Seed Syrup + Lemon + Cilantro

Devil’s Playground – Vodka + Rosemary + Strawberry Puree + Lemon + Agave + Fire Water Bitters

Gunfigher – Whiskey + Mole Bitters + Orange & Lemon Olio Sacrum

Dr. Cola – Whiskey + Cherry Herring + House Made Cola

Carajillo – Liqueur 43 + Chilled French Press Espresso

Revive – Gin + Chareau Liqueur + Cucumber + Agave + Mint + Lemon Juice

Drinks, Dancing, Food, And Atmosphere

Whether you just want to pop in for a quick one, or you’re looking to settle down at one place for the day, we’ve got you covered. The early shift will be a little more on the quiet side, so if you’re looking to party, the DJ’s start at 3pm, and go ‘til late. However you celebrate St. Patrick’s day, be sure to drink responsibly, and we’ll handle the rest.

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