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There are many great questions that we can ask ourselves in life. Like, what is the meaning of life? Can God make a burrito so heavy that even he can’t eat it? Why is the pluralization of goose “geese,” but moose not “meese?” But let’s get to the most important question of all: Where are the best places to get Tacos & Margaritas in Las Vegas? We’re not talking about your Taco Bell or Del Taco (we’re not throwing shade here, but you can get that at home), but rather your craft, boutique, designer tacos and margaritas. Where can you get the tacos that inspire you to be a better person? And where can you find the margaritas that elevate your day or evening to the next level? The verdict is in, and we found the places for you so you don’t have to. So here it is. The definitive list!

5. El Segundo Sol

El Segundo Sol recreates the unique, indescribable experience of wandering through Mexico City and discovering an authentic taqueria hidden among the trees. They offer a menu of authentic Mexican staples inspired by countless excursions to the southern states of Mexico, starting with table-side guacamole and signature tacos made from top-quality ingredients. If you’re looking for a refreshing drink, El Segundo Sol offers a wide array of margaritas (frozen or on-the-rocks), craft cocktails, draft beer, and much, much, more.

4. Cadillac Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar

In a world of trendy restaurants, Cadillac Bar has not only survived but continues to be a local legend. A lively mixture of tradition and Mexican flair, Cadillac is where you want to be for an unbeatable meal or an unforgettable party. Boasting a number of different mouthwatering beverages such as the “Barrel-Aged” Margarita, and a massive meny full of tacos, nachos, salads, and fajitas, you can’t go wrong with the variety and quality offered here.

3. La Comida

Maybe perhaps a Sea Bass Taco or a Blood Orange Margarita is more your style. Well, you’re in luck because La Comida offers just that (and plenty more). La Comida serves a chef-driven menu with traditional favorites like Mexican street corn and tortilla soup and elevates them with choices like Puerco Ahumado and Pollo al Horno baked in a parchment bag, opened tableside. If you’re looking for a quick cerveza, or want to get a little more involved, you have plenty of choices. Boasting over 100 different tequilas, La Comida will surely have a beverage that will hit your taste buds just right.

2. Lindo Michoacan Desert Inn

The Original Lindo Michoacan Desert Inn first opened its doors on January 6th, 1990. Starting with only 12 tables. Today, it has three dining rooms that seat over 300 people and has also expanded to two other locations. If you’re looking to step off the strip for a bite in a more relaxed family atmosphere, then this is the place for you.

1. Mas Por Favor

Established in January 2020, Más Por Favor Taqueria y Tequila, brings you an experience worthy of the strip right to the heart of Chinatown. Located at 3879 Spring Mountain Rd. Las Vegas, NV, Más Por Favor offers fast casual, authentic street tacos and more.….with a twist. Enjoy a traditional Al Pastor street taco or our Pho-Kin signature taco for lunch, dinner or late night! After your belly is full, enquire with the cashier about “tonight’s delight” and be led through a secret tunnel to their speakeasy parlor. As if it has been there for years and you just stumbled upon it, the parlor at Más Por Favor was designed to give you a vintage hip Mexican feel, of course, again, with a twist.

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