Save Room For Dessert: Sweet Treats At Más: Plenty Of Plant-based Options!

It’s not all tacos and savory fare at Más Por Favor. We’ve got a killer dessert menu, too.

All too often, dessert is an afterthought at dining establishments. Not here! Our dessert menu may be small, but it is mighty. Even more importantly, it’s chock-full of delicious, decadent flavor. Every item on the menu is expertly prepared and designed to delight even the most discerning of dessert palates.

If you are what you eat, be sweet! Here’s how to get your sweet on at Más Por Favor…

The Dessert Menu

As mentioned in the intro — the dessert menu at Más is small, but it packs a serious flavor punch. Here’s what we’ve got:

Choco Tacos

Perhaps you remember Choco Tacos from the convenience store freezer case — those naughty little nuggets of ice cream bliss.

Shaped like tacos, these treats are actually completely composed of sweet ingredients like a sweet waffle “taco” shell and sweet fillings.

If you’ve just enjoyed a meal of tacos at Más, why not keep the good times going with tacos for dessert, too? Makes sense to us.

Churro Bites

Churros are a sort of relative of the donut, but a distant one. They’re made by piping dough into a log then frying it to crispy perfection, then coating it with cinnamon and sugar. You’ve probably seen them for sale at street vendors or maybe an amusement park or carnival.

Churros are delicious! At Más, we’ve shrunk the scale and serve mini churro “bites” as a dessert.

But don’t be fooled — churro bites might imply that they’re ideal for sharing. Technically, sure. But then again, it all depends on whether or not you feel like sharing…

Fruit With Tajin

Feeling like something a little lighter but no less fancy? Opt for our fruit with tajin. If you’ve ever been to Jalisco, Mexico (or even beyond), chances are you’ve seen vendors selling fruit coated with an unusual red mixture. That’s tajin spice. It combines two of Mexico’s most famous and often-used flavors: citrus and chili spice.

It’s made with ground, dried chile peppers — often a mix of chiles de arbol, guajillo and pasilla — mixed with dehydrated lime and salt.

Sound like a strange thing to put on fruit? Don’t knock it till you try it. The sweetness of fruit combined with the vibrant flavors of the tajin spice make for a truly memorable flavor experience. Dessert may never look the same…

Cocktails That Double As Dessert

Sometimes, you just feel like drinking your dessert. We are absolutely here for you! Here are some of the best ways to satisfy your sweet tooth in the most intoxicating style:

Milk Money: This delightfully decadent cocktail is made with tequila, almond milk horchata, honey, and coconut cream. Yum! While you’re tittering over the alarmingly clever name, enjoy every sip of this easy-drinking cocktail, made with reposado tequila, roasted corn horchata, and sweet honey.

Border Patrol: Time for a shot! This expertly crafted one is made with reposado tequila,

Patron Xo Café, Grand Marnier, and finished with cream and espresso.

Other Drinkable Sweets

If you feel like drinking something sweet that doesn’t contain alcohol, we’ve got options for you!

We offer Mexican Coke, which is definitely an experience to savor if you’ve only tried the American kind — as well as Jarritos in Pineapple, Mango, Strawberry, and Lime.

Más Dessert, Por Favor…

At Más Por Favor, we want you to end your meal on a very sweet note!

That’s why our menu contains plenty of tasty options to satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether you go for our churro bites, try something new and opt for the fruit with tajin, or choose to drink your dessert, we’ve got you covered!

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