Más: Plenty Of Plant-based Options!

At Más Por Favor, we’re not scared to try something a little different.

In recent years, there’s been a growing interest in going plant-based. Not only is it good for the environment, but it’s good for your body, too!

We offer plenty of plant-based options at our establishment — and they’re well-worth sampling, even if you’re a meat-eater.

Yep — even meat-eaters can go veg sometimes! Trust us, you won’t miss the meat when the flavor’s this good…

Wanna learn more? Let’s take a tour of Más Por Favor’s delectable plant-based options…

Plant-based Street Tacos

Since our street tacos are “build your own” style, you can create tacos to suit your plant-based bliss.

Start by choosing your style — we’ve got several, including traditional (carrots, cabbage, and cilantro) as well as other options which may be customized to suit your plant-based diet — be sure to specify to your server that you’d like to keep it plant-based.

From there, you can opt for a plant-based protein. Our Vegan Jackfruit offers a flavor sensation unlike anything you’ve sampled before — trust us, this is a flavor you’ll want to taco bout all day long.

Delicious Salad

While our Nach-Yo Salad is typically made with cheddar cheese, it’s simple to plant-ify it upon request. Choose your protein, and we’ll serve it with lettuce, pickled onion, pickled carrots, and tortilla strips. Be sure to specify to your server that you’d prefer it plant-based!


At Más Por Favor, we have a variety of different salsas, dips, and veggies that can act as a pleasing appetizer or drinks accompaniment. We’ve got plenty of mouthwatering options, from salsa rojo to avocado salsa to pickled carrots and pickled jalapeno.

Several of these options are plant-based — be sure to ask your server for the best picks to suit your dietary preferences.

Other Items

Be sure to check in with the staff to see what else might suit your plant-based fancy on the day of your visit! We like to mix it up — we often have specials that might not be included in this post already. Be sure to stay up-to-date and visit us often


Great news: many of our drinks are plant-based. Lucky you, because nobody wants to live a life without margaritas like our “Flower Power” — our OG margarita all fancied up with hibiscus-infused agave and finished with edible flowers.

We’ve got an extensive menu of cocktails, including the Passion de Fresa, where Blanco tequila is joined with Aperol, strawberry puree, pinot noir, and Fevertree Citrus Tonic to create a unique cocktail … or how about the Dragon Fly, concocted with vodka, sunflower seed syrup, lemon, and cilantro?

Más Plant-based Options Por Favor…

At Más Por Favor, we’re all about providing delicious dining options for everyone. To that end, we’re proud to offer a variety of tasty plant-based options!

Be sure to consult with your server and let them know about your dietary needs … They can help guide you toward the tastiest choices!

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