Más Cocktails, Por Favor!

At Más Por Favor, we want to titillate and tantalize your taste buds with every item on our menu.

Our creative tacos and chef-forward creations have made us a destination since our 2020 opening, but we’re not content to fill your belly with food. We want to fill your spirit with joy, too!

Our cocktail program is second-to-none, with creative concoctions that are bound to have you begging for another round. Let’s take a tour of Más Por Favor’s cocktails…

Más Por Favor Margaritas On Tap

Believe the dream! At Más Por Favor, we’ve got killer margs on tap. Take your pick between these delicious options:

  • C&S OG: This is one of our signature creations, made with Casamigos Tequila. As for the rest of the recipe? “If we told ya we’d have to kill ya…”
  • C&S FUEGO: In this variation, the OG margarita is made with house-infused jalapeno bitters.
  • C&S FLOWER POWER: In this variation, the OG margarita is fancied up with hibiscus-infused agave and finished with edible flowers.
  • C&S SWEETIE: In this variation, the OG margarita gets a fresh makeover with watermelon or honeydew juice. Yum!

Más Por Favor Cocktails

Read it and weep! This killer cocktail list includes a ton of creative and fascinating flavors. The hardest part is deciding what to try first!

  • Sweet Melons Dude: Sweet, but with a kick! This cocktail includes mezcal, honeydew juice, and meyer lemon juice.
  • Milk Money: Delicate and sweet, but with a bite. Just like you! Reposado tequila is paired with almond milk horchata, honey, and coconut cream to create this delicious concoction.
  • Great Balls of Fire: Blanco tequila, watermelon juice, agave, lime juice, fire bitters and cilantro come together to create seriously sweet heat in this unique cocktail.
  • El Borracho: You’ll be feelin’ this one! Blanco tequila, pamplemousse liqueur, lime juice, and Fevertree Citrus Tonic come together to create a winning cocktail creation.
  • Get naughty! Reposado tequila, roasted corn horchata, and honey make for a sweet surprise.
  • Down the Rabbit Hole: You won’t want to crawl out of this hole! This cocktail’s made with blanco tequila, carrot juice, orange juice, and sunflower agave.
  • Jardin: We’ve got to get ourselves back to this garden … An herbaceous blend of blanco tequila, cucumber, cilantro, basil, mint, lime juice, and prosecco.
  • El Jefe Sangría: You’ve never tasted sangria quite like this. We make it with reposado tequila, aperol, grapefruit juice, agave, and Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Bird of Paradise: Mezcal, aperol, lemon juice, orgeat, hibiscus agave, and mint come together in this delicious creation.
  • Tequila & Smash: Don’t get smashed! Enjoy this cocktail made with blanco tequila, blueberry syrup, lime juice, Fever Tree Ginger Beer, and mint.
  • Passion de Fresa: Blanco tequila is joined with aperol, strawberry puree, pinot noir, and Fevertree Citrus Tonic in this unique cocktail.
  • Mr. Snap Crackle Pop: A heady mix of mezcal, aperol, sweet vermouth, and orange bitters create a pop you won’t wanna stop.
  • Macha Macha Man: Tequila! Matcha! Honey! Lemon juice and mint! It’ll put hair on your chest…
  • Dragon Fly: Vodka, sunflower seed syrup, lemon, and cilantro come together for a cocktail seemingly kissed with nature’s candy.
  • Devil’s Playground: Vodka and rosemary are lifted with bright strawberry puree, lemon, agave, and Fire Water Bitters.
  • Gunfighter: Whiskey and mole bitters are joined with Orange & Lemon Olio Sacrum to create a unique flavor combination.
  • Dr. Cola: Whiskey and cherry heering are combined with house-made cola for a fizzy and fine cocktail.
  • Carajillo: Liqueur 43 and chilled French press espresso will give you vim and vigor for the night.
  • Revive: Gin, Chareau Liqueur, cucumber, agave, mint, and lemon juice make a fresh and clean cocktail.

Más Por Favor Shots

eady to get rowdy? These shots will keep you on your toes…

  • Border Patrol: Reposado tequila, Patron XO Café, Grand Marnier, cream, and espresso are served with a mini pinata stuffed with adult treats.
  • Mexican Tickler: A chilled shot of tequila served in a hollowed-out jalapeno, rimmed with black Hawaiian sea salt and served in a mini flower pot with crushed ice.
  • Disco Sh***: Casamigos Blanco, pineapple, vinegar, orgeat, lime + mint — all served on cardboard + “Party Favors”… yeah, don’t miss it!

Más Por Favor…

Like we said at the beginning of the post … the hardest part is choosing which cocktail to try first! Come and visit Más Por Favor and start working your way through the list!

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