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Guys, let’s be real here. There are a lot of hours in the day. Some say twenty-four, but the jury is still out on that because the weekdays totally drag. Somebody’s gotta be slipping secret hours in there that we don’t know about, right? You know what we’re talking about. You get back from lunch, and 2-3 o’clock feels like an eternity. You’re tired, and maybe a little sleepy. But you’re on company time, and you want to own your evening. Since hours during the work day are seemingly stretched to make the day seem longer, we’ve figured out the best line of defense: happy hour! Happy hours come in all shapes and sizes. Heck, some happy hours are also longer than 60 minutes (but let’s let that be our little secret)! We’ve done our research, and here are five of the best happy hours in Las Vegas.

5. Public School 702

Memories of your school days can be a mixed bag, but Public School 702 does it right. Nobody’s going to get shoved into a locker at this chef-driven establishment. And get this! Their “recess,” or happy hour is 3 hours long (3-6pm, Monday-Friday). Maybe you’re a little too old for kickball, but sliders, parmesan truffle fries, craft beer, and wine know no age limit.

If good food, and a good time is your thing, then here is some literature on the topic:

4. Downtown Cocktail Room

Another gem amongst gems. Downtown Cocktail Room is an intimate cocktail room in the heart of Las Vegas. The best way to describe the atmosphere is “high lowbrow,” as the space is equal parts loungy and upscale, but with low-brow New York City Vibes. If you’re looking for unique libations at a great price, then their happy hour (5-7pm, Tuesday-Saturday) will satisfy all your needs. It’s one thing to have a drink called “Die Like A Samurai,” but even better when it’s half off!

Show up for a drink, stay for the vibes:

3. Bin 702

If you’re looking for a casual wine bar with upscale flair, then look no further. Bin 702 will be right up your alley, and their happy hour runs daily from 3-6 pm. And it’s not just wine. We’re talking $5 local pints, $6 well drinks, $7 wine by the glass, and $20 wine bottle specials. But it doesn’t stop there. Bin 702 serves only the highest quality charcuterie and cheese selection, along with their famous mini sandwiches.

Have you heard enough? Well seeing is believing:

2. El Segundo Sol

El Segundo Sol recreates the unique, indescribable experience of wandering through Mexico City and discovering an authentic taqueria hidden among the trees. Their “Loco Hour” is 3:30-6:30pm Monday-Thursday with specialty drinks starting at $6.50, and draft beers at $4.50. If you’ve got the munchies, there are also quesadillas and tacos with great prices during Loco Hour.

There is plenty to feast your eyes upon here:

1. Mas Por Favor

Established in January 2020, Más Por Favor Taqueria y Tequila, brings you an experience worthy of the strip right to the heart of Chinatown. Located at 3879 Spring Mountain Rd. Las Vegas, NV, Más Por Favor offers fast casual, authentic street tacos and more.….with a twist. Enjoy a traditional Al Pastor street taco or our Pho-Kin signature taco for lunch, dinner or late night! After your belly is full, enquire with the cashier about “tonight’s delight” and be led through a secret tunnel to their speakeasy parlor. As if it has been there for years and you just stumbled upon it, the parlor at Más Por Favor was designed to give you a vintage hip Mexican feel, of course, again, with a twist.

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